Bringing e-learning into the 20s

As a part of ongoing efforts to modernise their learning approach, HMRC engaged on a program of updating a wide swathe of e-learning to modern design and accessibility standards, as well as building new, engaging learning to support their Tax Professionals Programme, aimed at bringing new HMRC hires up to speed efficiently and effectively on the processes and products they would be supporting.

Our approach

We rapidly familiarised ourselves with HMRC design guidelines and upskilled on their chosen development tools (DominKnow One and Moovly), and working with a team of other independent e-learning design/developers and in-house HMRC project managers and SMEs transformed existing legacy ‘e-read’ content into engaging, easy-to-use, device responsive e-learning aligned with modern accessibility standards.

We also supported the development of brand new content, taking SME-provided content on tools and processes and constructing effective e-learning from the ground up.  We further enhanced the learning material with custom audio and visual elements produced using Adobe Creative Cloud, Audacity and Vegas Pro.

What we delivered

Migrated Legacy Content

Rebuilt existing learning content sitting in PowerPoint/legacy learning systems as engaging and effective e-learning to modern design standards

Ground-Up E-Learning Development

Developed brand new modules to support the new Tax Professionals Program to support new HMRC associates in learning their roles.

Using a range of technologies to support

Worked with HMRCs choice of development platform (DominKnow), producing additional media using Moovly, Adobe Creative Cloud, Audacity and Vegas Pro.

Worked with HMRC stakeholders

Worked with other independent contractors, HMRC Subject Matter Experts and HMRC Project Managers to ensure all requirements were met; also provided input into HMRC’s ongoing learning modernisation program.

e-learning modules migrated/created
hours of e-learning built