Improving learning under audit

A pharmaceutical company with European HQ in the UK was going through a period of intense change and audit scrutiny from the UK pharma industry body.  As part of the extensive change effort in the organisation, training was identified as a key area of improvement – not only ensuring that the right people were getting the right training to ensure thorough compliance with all regulatory requirements, but a broader overhaul of end-to-end processes around learning, covering everything from learning strategy and governance, through design and delivery, to evaluation and reporting.

Our approach

Working with key stakeholders in the business, we worked through a mapping, analysis and design process to establish what roles, responsibilities and procedures currently existed, how they might need to be adjusted to fit the changing business environment and what new elements were required to establish new best practices that would work for the company.  This involved looking at long-standing procedures and divisional variations, and building consensus on what the future should look like.

What we delivered

Tailored Best Practice Processes

A suite of best practice processes covering Strategy, Planning, Content Design, Delivery, Reporting and Support, tailored to suit the organisational environment

Training Role Matrix

Designed and implemented a Training Role Matrix mapping all UK employees to role areas, allowing for fast and accurate role-based assignment of mandatory training

Supported by Technology

We worked with the LMS team to map the matrix to employee profiles, so new hires and transfers could be updated in LMS and relevant training automatically assigned.  We also laid the groundwork for further automation with the incoming SAP EC system.

Improved Ways of Working

By bringing together learning stakeholders from across the business and building consensus, we resolved long-standing divisional differences and created new common practices, processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Processes Mapped and Delivered
Roles Mapped into Matrix